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The Doula Deck

Here is the support any mama-to-be needs as she preps for the transition to motherhood. With 78 unique cards filled with thoughtful meditations, movement activities, breathwork exercises, and soothing affirmations, this collection of cards supports expectant mothers through pregnancy, birth, and their new motherhood by nurturing their spirit and talking through their fears.

Protective Waterproof Pads


These waterproof pads are great to have on hand so that your midwives can change them as needed throughout labour and birth. It saves you having to fully change your bedsheets until after the labour and delivery are done, and you are ready to snuggle into your freshly made bed.

Thick Yoga Mat

A thick yoga mat is really nice to have for the labour. During contractions, I spent a lot of time on my hands and knees. Being on all fours will help take the pressure off your spine, which might ease back pain, and kneeling while leaning forward can open your pelvis. A hands-and-knees position might boost your baby's oxygen supply as well.

Sunrise Clock and Light

This clock/nightlight combo is an absolute must-have! The sunrise feature allows you to adjust the brightness of the light to suit your needs. I keep it on the lowest setting all night long, and it gives off the perfect amount of illumination for me to see the baby beside me, and nurse her without waking her too much. It connects to an app that you can control from your phone (is also Alexa/Google Home compatible) for convenience. It’s great to have the digital clock in sight as well, so you can keep track of the baby’s feeding times with ease throughout the night.

Shower Curtain

A shower curtain works great as a waterproof layer between your clean sheet and the sheet you will give birth on. Just a cheap plastic drop sheet or shower curtain will do the trick - just throw it out afterwards for easy clean-up.

Mini Fan

Ensuring that the birthing area is at a regulated warm temperature is important for when the baby is born because new babies can lose heat very rapidly. However, labour is a real workout and if you are sensitive to heat, you may want to set up a small fan by the bedside to keep your own body cool and comfortable.

Dark Colour Fitted Sheets

You will need two dark-coloured fitted sheets. The shower curtain will be the waterproof layer between the sheet that you give birth on and the bottom sheet that will remain fresh until you are ready to climb in after the baby is born!

Arnica Gel

Arnica is great to have both during pregnancy and after. It is great for so many types of aches and can be especially helpful with cramping and after-birth pains. The tablets are most commonly suggested because they can ease inflammation. But Arnica also comes in other forms like gel, lotion, and oil to apply topically, for healing damaged tissue from tearing or on stitches. 

Extra Towels

Your midwives will appreciate having a few extra towels on hand to care for you and your baby. You can get some inexpensive dark-coloured towels if you are worried about using your good bath towels, though they wash up very easily.

Exercise/Birth Ball

A birthing ball (exercise ball) is a great item to have during the thrid-trimester and can be useful through labour and into your postpartum recovery. The ball is great for relieving back pain and pelvic pressure in the late stage of pregnancy and can be a useful support tool during labour.

The Magic Bag

Magic Bags can be used cool or warm and are great for pain and tension relief both during pregnancy and during labour. They can also be comforting for after-birth pains.

*Bonus: Made in Canada!